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Welding Mesh Schlatter

Mod. MG24


Year: 1995.

Improved in 2004 and 2016.

Rated power 500 kV.

16 reel holders

24 straighteners in one direction and 24 in reverse

Longitudinal  trawler for 24 wires.

Loop with detectors for 24 longitudinal wires

Straightener with 24 wires

Welding head with longitudinal feed from 0 to 250 mm.

Pneumatic longitudinal feedformer with 24 units.

12 Welding presses with bridges to manufacture: 100, 200 and 250 mm.

8 Transformers with 6 connection outputs.

2500 mm crossbar loader. Diameter from 4 to 10 mm.

90 strokes per minute.

Cutting shear, mesh puller.

Stacker pivot of 6 m., with 6 m. to drag packets.

Electrical panel with 8 T90 welding controllers.

Characteristics of the material: Cold drawing up to 10 mm.

Hot rolled up to 10 mm.

Weldable material with maximum carbon content: 0.2%

Tensile strength: 700 M / mm2.

Air pressure: 6 bar. Expenditure: 240 m3 / h

Cooling water: Inlet temperature: 25-30ºC

Flow required: 120 l / m.

Electronic equipment with servos and new automatisms Siemens.